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Abdulla Muizzu, attorney-at-law, LLB (Hons) (Middlesex);
Abdulla is vastly experienced in public and regulatory law issues having worked for close to 20 years at the Attorney General’s Office. Abdulla served as Attorney General of the Maldives from April 2011 to February 2012, during an important time of change in a number of critical areas such as taxation, decentralisation, privatisation, and democratisation & human rights. Abdulla has in-depth practical knowledge of the Decentralisation Act, the BPT and GST Tax laws. He carries with him years of experience at the highest level and a sizeable network of key professional and industry relationships.


Ismail Yasir, attorney-at-law LLB (Hons) (UWE Bristol)
Yasir has worked at the Ministry of Tourism for close to 15 years, and is the principal architect behind the main laws and regulations governing the tourism industry today. Yasir was serving as Deputy Minister of Tourism when he left public service in February 2012 to found Praxis Law Firm. Yasir is routinely instructed by leading businesses and investors in commercial and corporate work. Yasir is a leading individual in banking & finance, mergers & acquisitions, tax, and securities law.

Yasir is presently Managing Partner at Praxis Law Firm LLP.


Ahmed Abdulla Afeef, attorney-at-law, LLB (Hons) (Al-Azhar);
Ahmed is a successful and experienced litigation lawyer, and is well versed in concepts of Islamic Shari’ah, that are essential to effective litigation in the Maldives. Ahmed is a leading authority on the 2008 Constitution, and is regularly involved in high profile court cases and instructed by the most important public figures and political parties in the Maldives. The press and media routinely ask Ahmed for comment on the most compelling issues of national interest in constitutional and public law. Ahmed has amongst his clients some of the largest businesses in the Maldives and has considerable experience in handling corporate and commercial law issues.

Ahmed is active in a number of NGOs, and maintains an active public life in promoting the legal profession and issues of justice and equality.


Mohamed Shafaz Wajeeh, attorney-at-law, LLB (Hons) (Warwick), MA (Warwick)
Shafaz has experience working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was chief legal counsel at the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives until 2010, when he left public service to pursue fulltime practice. Shafaz has experience in public law & regulatory affairs, and is a leading authority on issues of human rights law in the Maldives. Shafaz continues to maintain an active involvement in the drafting and reviewing of a number of important rights-related legislation.


Ahmed Ahid Rasheed, attorney-at-law, LLB (Hons) (Middlesex);
Ahid specialises in Intellectual Property law and is able to offer in-depth advise on a range of related issues such as commercial intellectual property, licensing and distribution issues. Ahid was a legal officer at the Public Complaints Bureau, and later reconstituted Anti-Corruption Commission for close to 10 years.

Ahid has a varied range of engagements to supplement law practice. Ahid is President and founder of the Science Society of the Maldives, he has been a lecturer for secondary school teachers at the Mandhu College for Learning, and has travelled extensively within Southeast Asia and India.


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