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Praxis, along with Theoria and Poiesis, is one of three basic activities of Man – Aristotle.
Praxis is the relationship between theory and action.
Praxis is the strategic and organised effort to find solutions.
Praxis Law Firm LLP is a legal practice committed to and firmly driven by these ideas.

Areas of Expertise
Our experience and proficiency in Foreign Investments, Corporate, Tourism & Real Estate, Banking & Finance, Public & Regulatory Law is widely acclaimed. Praxis maintains an active Pro Bono service. We offer a service that is professional and personalized. We are driven towards results, we aim to reduce uncertainty, and get through to the solution you want. Following are our primary areas of practice:

- Tourism & Real Estate
- Public & Regulatory
- Banking & Finance
- Tax
- Litigation
- Telecommunications & Media
- Foreign Investment
- Employment & Benefits
- Pro Bono

The key practitioners at Praxis Law Firm LLP are proven lawyers with established track records, and considered preeminent authorities in their respective areas of expertise. Praxis brings together a crucial mix of essential competencies required to offer a comprehensive, one-stop legal service, at consistently high standards.

We value the wisdom of time-honoured tradition, yet we innovate when established practice stands in the way. We try to understand the business of our clients through close professional relationships. We have the benefit not only of being proficient in the Law but also of extensive knowledge in the various fields and industries related to the legal practice. Thus we are able to offer sound and reliable legal advice.

The partners at Praxis approach legal issues from a broad range of distinct perspectives. Our comprehensive and systematic approach to problem-solving is especially favoured by clients. We are able to offer you a number of rigorously analysed and feasible options, before helping you decide on the best course of action for you. With our diverse areas of expertise, we are able to work together and pool our collective resources to offer you guaranteed and seamless solutions.

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